One person global game jam 2019 game. Theme "What Home Means to You". Well, to me it means growing up in a creepy house with creepy noises.

Arrow keys to move. Space to interact. Try to keep your pulse low by investigating sounds. Some sounds are just sounds and they pass without event. If your pulse gets too high the screen will go black and the game is over. Currently there is no way to win. This is definitely a metaphor and not bad game design.

I had lots of ideas for new  things but having basically one day to make a whole game alone is hard and I had to cut out:

- doors

- an actual stairs animation

- actual interaction variety

- depth to interactions

- extra creepy stuff happening around you

- basically all animations

- good art

- good sound design


A Night 33 MB
A Night 20 MB
A Night 14 MB

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